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Brooklyn & Boyle KGB Celebration Aug. 31st!

Brooklyn & Boyle is pleased to announce a first-time ever collaboration between artist, master printer and Modern Multiples founder Richard Duardo and artist Antonio Pelayo. One of the prints resulting from their recent collaboration (attached below), will be featured on the cover of our next issue. A special fundraiser/celebration honoring the artists and acknowledging August birthdays for so many of our artist, poet, writer and art aficionado friends (among them your humble Brooklyn & Boyle editor) will be held at KGB Studios on August 31st. The event will feature live music, poetry, and an art auction as well as good eats, delicious refreshment and good vibes. Business owners and well wishers are invited to participate at several levels as advertising sponsors. Sponsors who purchase a full-page ad taken out at the discounted rate of $300 ($400 for full-color) will not only have their message placed in 6,000 copies of Brooklyn & Boyle, but will have their logo

Hungry Woman Makes World Premiere

 by Abel Salas Theater is often about confessions. This is an article that incorporates a theater review. In this case, the theatrical confessions we refer to are somewhat exaggerated true-to-life experiences as told on stage by writer Josefina López through director Corky Domínguez, a long-time López collaborator. But more specifically, there will also be confessions of a personal nature that relate directly to this site and the paper bills itself as Brooklyn & Boyle. With the adaptation of her debut novel, Hungry Woman in Paris, into a stage production titled, simply, Hungry Woman, López has created an entirely new genre she calls "cineatro." Introducing Hungry Woman for a recent audience, she confesses that the reason we are seeing the book as a play rather than a movie is because she doesn't have the millions of dollars it would take to make a film version. The other confession is my own. I have known Josefina for years and it was, in part, her novel tha