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Primavera @ Brooklyn & Boyle

​ A BROOKLYN & BOYLE PRIMERAVERA It is appropriate to point out that one of Selena Quintanilla's biggest hits was a song titled "Como la Flor," as we work hard to bring you another beautiful issue of Brooklyn & Boyle. We are happy to note that our new issue heralds the full blossom of the spring season, a season that brings us baseball, a Mother's Day celebration and a Father's Day celebration as well as Cinco de Mayo festivities across the country. Our upcoming April issue features a historical recollection from the year music fans the world over lost a cherished flower, a bright young star cut down in her prime. It is a piece from the archives of a reporter who was there providing a first hand perspective during the days following her death. We will also bring you a report from the recent tribute to Selena Quintanilla, the budding Latino music star who was lost tragically 20 years ago in Corpus Christi, Texas, here in downtown Los Angeles at La Plaza d