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EDITORIAL: Family Separation at Border Must Stop!

Over 10,000 children are being held in U.S. detention centers as a result of Trump's inhumane 'zero tolerance' policy. By Elias C. Herrera The policies currently in place that deal with unauthorized border crossings, immigration, and asylum seekers must be reformed and made to conform to international law and basic humanity. In March of 2017, the Trump administration started a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy for people that were crossing the southern border of the United States without authorization, kicking off one of the most morally corrupt and reprehensible actions of Trump’s presidency (Hirschfeld Davis, Shear, & Benner, 2018). Shortly thereafter, the Trump administration would expand that program to those that were seeking asylum, regardless of how they approached the US border (Hirschfeld Davis, Shear, & Benner 2018). This policy has led to a deplorable incarceration for thousands of children who automatically become ‘unaccompanied minors’ when their parents

Jazz Divas Rule at 2019 South Pasadena Carnegie Concert

Luciana Souza headlines the South Pasadena Public Library Carnegie Concert on Saturday. Photo: Anna Webber By Sven Fieldsteen and Aleja M. Sierra The  Library Carnegie Stage Concert, an essential and always compelling component of South Pasadena’s annual Eclectic Music Festival & Arts Crawl, will be held this Saturday, April 27th and headlined by jazz singer extraordinaire Luciana Souza. One of the foremost jazz vocalists in the world, Souza will be accompanied for this unique presentation by Otmaro Ruiz, a renowned Venezuelan pianist. The duo are slated to take the stage at 6:30 pm inside the beautifully restored South Pasadena Public Library Community Room—an acknowledged historical, architectural and cultural landmark—at 1115 El Centro Street. Julia Vari returns to L.A. for the Eclectic Music Festival. Photo: Charlotte Bell Photography Back by popular demand, acclaimed jazz and world music composer-pianist-vocalist Julia Vari kicks off the concert at 4pm. Vari is app

Gushsan: A One-Man East L.A. Renaissance Artist

Gushan, a self-taught painter and sculptor who is, ironically, a highly sought after ecclesiastical artist, in City Terrace. By Abel Salas   Gushan is something of an enigma. To begin with, his name is not really “Gushsan.”  The word is a hybrid compound of sorts.  Think Gustavo. Think “h” something and think Sánchez. But since 1997, when the interdisciplinary artist arrived in Los Angeles and located himself in the middle of one of the most notorious barrios on the Greater East Side, he has worked very hard to grow as an artist and become a more conscious human being in the process. And, as a consequence, he just might be the most famous and important L.A. artist you’ve never heard of. That is, unless you watch Spanish-language TV, listen to Spanish-language radio or read Spanish-language newspapers or magazines, because he’s been on or in almost all of them. Born in Guadalajara but raised in Tijuana, he began teaching himself to be an artist in many different media even bef