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6th Annual OVAS Bike Ride: Ovarian Psycos Shift Gears

Special to Brooklyn & Boyle Founded in 2010, the Ovarian Psycos Bicycle Brigade was born from the understanding that our intergenerational traumas are not singular but rooted in the more than 528 years of systematic dehumanization that continues normalizing the violent erasure of black and  brown bodies everywhere. Our work was born from a very real need to affirm our existence, reclaim our agency, engaging collectively in efforts to propagate rage and rebellion. Our approach, while raw in its urgency, was still no less reactionary and misguided in practice, inverting power dynamics in the spaces created, the rhetoric, and wordplay. It falsely equated feminism with gender specific genitalia and genitals with our politics while completely ignoring non-binary ancestral teachings of the past and the fact that all of our bodies have been historically—and to this day—targeted, the recent assault on street vendor Benjamin Ramirez being but one example. We found ourselves replicatin