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DATELINE: January, 1994. Mexico D.F. >>> Chiapas

By Abel M. Salas Ed. Note: A previous version of this article was published in The Austin Chronicle, Vol. XIII, No. 23, Feb. 11, 1994. We proudly bring it back here as a special three part series exclusively for Brooklyn & Boyle readers . We dedicate this New Year reload of a lost article —perhaps intentionally scrubbed —to Rogelio Gómez (1966 - 2013), rockero, productor, guitarrista Ansioso de primera e “impulsor de muchas veces ignorado Rock Subterráneo Mexicano... ” RIP/QEPD. The Metro Chabacano is already bustling at 6:30 a.m. This subway station somewhere near the center of the largest city in the world is where I’ve gotten off in search of Maestro Andrés Segura, Jefe or Capitán of the Concheros, dancers who preserve Aztec ceremonial dance traditions. Maestro Segura is highly regarded as a naturalist healer and a spiritual guide. I’ve come to ask for his blessing before heading to Chiapas. Things have already started going sideways because the Lollapalooza-style c

A Humble New Year's Wish from BROOKLYN & BOYLE

By Abel M. Salas, Editor With our twelfth annual year-end, holiday season issue in production, Brooklyn & Boyle extends heartfelt and infinite gratitude to the greater family of readers, contributing writers, advertisers, artists, educators, advocates, activists, organizers, community builders and dreamers that have made this significant—but no less hard-won and hard-earned—milestone possible. Conceived, discussed and developed in the fall of 2007 in and around East L.A., El Sereno, Lincoln Heights, City Terrace and Boyle Heights, our plucky, still standing and still independent East Side arts, culture and community issues print publication and online media platform proudly welcomes a new decade with at once vividly intense and subtly provocative cover art by East L.A.-based visual artist Maritza Torres . We acknowledge, of course, the respected curators and arts community colleagues who hipped us to her work early on, foremo