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Book Review: Mexican American Boxing in LA

Mexican American Boxing in Los Angeles by Gene Aguilera Arcadia Publishing, 2014 127 pages A long-time music promoter, boxing manager, community banker, and vintage record collector, Gene Aguilera can now add author to the list of the colorful callings in his life. In his new book, Mexican American Boxing in Los Angeles, Aguilera offers a profoundly researched history of the sweet science. A meticulously documented study, the book is also exhaustively photographed and includes a vast collection of memorabilia that documents the length and breadth of Latino boxing in Los Angeles for well over a hundred years. The former manager of bantam weight title fighter Ruben “El Puas” Olivares, Aguilera is a yearly guest at the Boxing Hall of Fame and has assembled a history here that has, until now, been missing in a city that is so fixated on spectacle, pomp and circumstance. Mexican American Boxing is a thrill ride you won’t be able to put down. Told in a dynamic style that parallels th

Our Lady of Defaced & Venerated Murals in Los Angeles

by Felipe Agredano-Lozano, MTS photography by Emmanuel Sandoval I was born into a war of religions. My paternal abuelita, Enedina González viuda de Agredano, was a fervent Guadalupana Católica de hueso colorado. She stood adamantly opposed to any new secta de protestantes. So when my maternal abuelito Pedro Lozano had a religious conversion in the 1950s, it was a battle of familias. Both believers were from the Los Altos de Jalisco, arguably the most ferociously Catholic and Pope-loyalist region of the “New World.” News of his joining the wild religious cult of firebrand “aleluyas” was alarming news in the village.   His band of Pentecostal-Apostólicos in California sent shockwaves through this Cristero region of Los Altos. Decades later at a raging holy-roller service in August of 1969 in El Siloe Apostolic Church in East L.A., my mother, pregnant with me—the fruit of her womb—was baptized in “Jesus name.” She did it behind my father’s back. Both had grown up in the Holy Mot

Feliz Navidad!

This year we wish to express our deepest thanks to all who helped keep Brooklyn & Boyle afloat and proudly announce that our end of year cover is a piece by the legendary Ignacio Gomez entitled Elysa's Christmas . Donate to Brooklyn & Boyle and support your favorite magazine on East Side/LA Arts & Life before the end of the year! We look forward to bringing you more arts, culture y comunidad in 2015. Y feliz navidad!