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Join us this Sunday for a HOTEL MARIACH: Urban Space and Cultural Heritage in Los Angeles book signing with the authors. The event will be held at Libros Schmibros from 12 - 3pm on Mariachi Plaza during the 23rd Annual Mariachi Festival in Boyle Heights. We hope to see you there. Pick up your latest edition of Brooklyn & Boyle while you're there. Here's the review I've written. ----------------------- Hotel Mariachi: Urban Space and Cultural Heritage in Los Angeles is a book that operates in a critical and pivotal nexus. It could not be more necessary, urgent, timely or beautiful if it tried. At once scholarly and a divinely inspired treatise on the art and culture of mariachi, the book is also a love letter to the ghosts of mariachi music and the city of Los Angeles, historic Boyle Heights and those itinerant musicians who have yet to arrive. Part family history, part literary and photo-documentary as well as a sterling work of ethno-musicology, Hotel Mariachi