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Workshop Performance: Memory of the Universe in L.A. Sept. 15th

MOTU (cowwoman) embodies the memory of the universe in Alysse Stepanian's 3D video, at Coaxial on Sept. 15th. Review by Kelly Blunt We are witnessing war. Machine guns, drones, and explosions of a confused nature ricochet in our heads. The silence reverberates. Soldiers casually dismiss the dead. Refugees are left stateless. A plastic bottle floats across a waterspace. MOTU, the strapping and heroic cowwoman introduced earlier in the video, flies through the water. She encounters a massive oil spill as a dozen plastic beverage containers float downward to further pollute the water. MOTU nearly gets trapped in the underwater folds of an American flag. It hugs her body momentarily, before she swims on. It continues floating through the water, resembling a sea creature. On flat screen monitors factory farm pigs look sadly out from cages, and a monkey is rocketed into space. We see a mutilated boy’s body on pale sand. Sounds grate and dance in a frenzy. They mirr