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Brooklyn & Boyle Reloaded - JULY 2014

​ Brooklyn & Boyle , LA's premiere Latino arts, culture & community monthly is once again pleased to share its unique perspective on the creative communities across the Greater East Side and beyond. In an effort to improve the publication and appear monthly at the beginning of each month from now on, an effort you, as readers and sponsors, have made possible as we move into our fourth year of publication, we will begin publishing at the beginning of each month. With our July issue, due in two weeks, we once again bring you more of the great stories, interesting features as well as book, film, theater, columns and opinions you have come to love and expect, only now, it gets even better with special cover story on a major museum in LA County that was willing to share an exclusive scoop with our editorial staff, a move that means good news for both Angelenos across the Southland and art aficionados the world over. That's really all we can say, because we can't give t