Dear Wise Latina

I just had a baby and I’m wondering at what age I should start talking to my child about sex?


Start speaking to your child about sex as soon as your child starts asking about his or her body and how babies are born... (Never wait to speak to them about it because they may be the ones having to speak to you about sex and the trouble they’re in.) The earlier you talk to them with a positive attitude the sooner they’ll get the message that sex is natural and their bodies are perfectly fine.
When my sons were 6 and 4 they wanted to know how babies are born.  In the simplest way I explained without any shame or awkwardness. They were so delighted to know how simple it was and now they know they can ask me anything like, “Mommy, when did you have your period?” When my son asked me I was happy to tell him. He knew he could trust me to tell him the truth and it would be no big deal.

Children learn to be ashamed of their bodies from their parents, so if you have any sexual hangups or don’t like your body, work on releasing any shame now and loving your body so that your child doesn’t unconsciously pick up all the negative messages adults tend to give out to their children. Talking about sex is awkward because parents pretend that it’s fine, but their bodies and everything else is communicating that there is something wrong and children can see through the hypocrisy.

I am auditioning for the part of a Psychic for a new show, what tips can you give me to help me play a believable Psychic?


Remember that all Mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums... So decide which spiritual gift(s) your character has. For instance our five regular senses can be magnified and you can have clairvoyance - clear seeing - Clairaudience - clear hearing. Then there’s the ability to get psychic clues through taste and smell. There’s also the ability to feeling things with a clarity to come from the spiritual realm. There’s clear knowing and kinesthetic ability - moving things with your mind... So decide what gifts your psychic character has... Very few psychics have all the gifts. Mediums can not talk to ghosts only spirits that have crossed and some psychics can’t talk to spirits that have crossed into the light only ghosts that are stuck. Some psychics allows themselves to be possessed by a spirit in order to channel and many psychics don’t... Good luck with the audition. 

I want to know about my future and I don’t want to throw away my money by going to a fraud. How do you know if a Psychic is for real?



A real psychic who has good ethics always asks for permission to look into your aura and energy field or Akashic Records (the written history of your soul’s journey).  So if you have a random person coming up to you telling you they are psychic and revealing stuff from your future or a past life tell them to stop.  They are probably a fake or an unethical psychic. If a psychic tells you that you have a dark shadow over you and that no one else can remove it but them for $1,000 or some large amount, and if you don’t do it you will die or remained cursed - stop the reading and go home. Anyone who says that they’re the only ones who can do it are frauds.

Only God can truly help you, but there are many healers who can help.  Also, a real psychic or healer will never tell you when you’re going to die because you have free will and can change it... Your soul knows when it’s time to go, so if you’re soul doesn’t want to die, no matter what a psychic says, it won’t. Also, you don’t need a psychic if you are willing to trust your gut.  Your Higher Self is always trying to guide you. So if you want guidance just ask for it when you are sitting still or when you are about to fall asleep.  our dreams can also guide you if you ask for that guidance.

Josefina Lopez is the Artistic Director of CASA 0101 Theater as well as the award-winning screenwriter and playwright of Real Women Have Curves who has been researching the paranormal for many years.  She is also a Reiki Master, a Life Coach and a hypnotherapist, NLP, Time Line Therapy practitioner and a Divine Peace Healer. Most importantly she has made so many mistakes that she has learned important lessons from them and has become wise. Her new book 8 Ways to Say I Love My Life is now available on Amazon.


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